From rough to awesome…

I was woken this morning at about 05:00, perhaps a wee bit later, but it did feel that early, and it was definitely before 06:00.  I was still up past one last night, being nagged to go to sleep (quite rightly I might add) and so I felt sluggish, tired and just plain rough.

Then I remembered that we’d planed to go on a cycle ride this morning, to let me try to pull the trailer we have for the boys too, uhg… I just didn’t have the energy to do that, I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to avoid doing that, I prayed for rain, but it did not come.

Maxi reminded me in no uncertain terms that I had promised, so had to go.  So I hauled myself up and into cycling gear (I look a complete mess when I go out on the bike, but I just don’t care).

The weather had grayed over by the time we left, just before 9am, but it was quiet and I’d planned to try the trailer on some flattish ground, rather than the hilly roads near home.

Even without the trailer it didn’t start well, I was practicing keeping momentum going, which is what I’d been told was a priority, and was going well, until half way up the mini hill at the top of the road, where I felt something fall off the bike… ups.  Had to stop, found out it was the pump, that needed to be fitted and then back on to get to the top of the hill. (This is a very short distance by the way, but I always forget it is there and saunter up to it, forget to create momentum and then feel like I’m stopping as I get to the top)

At the top it’s a good couple of kilometers straight down hill, and to the old road, which is quite flat.  The trailer was put on the back of my bike, and I cycled off.  It wasn’t that bad, though I think I was lulled into a false sense of security as it was slightly downhill at this point.

Now just let me explain that in the trailer are Maxi, at almost 20kg, and Mini not far behind, and a multitude of toys, snacks, bike repair kit, etc.  This is not a light piece of equipment.  What I found, however, was it acted as a stabiliser, I felt secure, even if I had to drop down a few gears to pedal more efficiently.

Then we turned and the uphill element of the ride commenced.  Now I’d said I’d fancied taking the trailer all the way home, but there were times that I almost regretted this.  As once out there, there was no going back, there was no way a few hills were going to beat me.  We took the route past the nursery to practice for when I pick Maxi up, and the hill was a killer, a gradual incline with speed bumps interspersed within the road.

I could hear your words in my head, my stubbornness getting me through.  That and the thought of coffee at home and I found myself, sometimes rather slowly, getting there.  One last push and we were on the decent, round the corner and we were home.

All I wanted to do was jump up, put my arms around you, give you a great big kiss and shout, I did it!  I felt awesome!