Maxi decided this evening that he wanted to tickle everyone in the whole world. Now he’s not always a huge fan of tickling, but apparently “sometimes it’s nice Mummy, it makes people laugh… look…” as he starts to tickle his brother and the laughs ensue.  Mini has a particular laugh that I often think should not come from a two-year old.  It is far too knowing, but also most infectious.

I don’t think it is necessarily a bad idea, I think most people could do will a laugh. Particularly at the moment, when so many people I know are having tough times.

So today, I am metaphorically tickling everyone, some more than others, as I think some need to laugh a little, forget what is weighing them down, remember life is also fun, however bleak it is currently perceived.

There is only one problem, I am very ticklish, you don’t even need to touch me, just move to tickle me, and I’m in fits of giggles…