Deliciously tired

My bike has been fixed!  Yay!  It no longer has squishy breaks or makes clunky noises (neither good traits for a bike, and as you can see I am no technician when it comes to vehicles)

AND not only did I have a beautifully working bike, but (shock horror) it was actually sunny this afternoon.  A well needed break from the drizzly, dreich, drab weather we’ve been having.

Though a tad chili (just about 3°C or 37°F) the sun created an illusion of warmth.  So off we went with an end plan to pick Maxi up from nursery, an immediate plan to try to get Mini to sleep for his afternoon nap, but an ultimate plan to try out the bikes and see how unfit we’d become over the winter.

Not as bad as I’d thought I’d be, though I did forget my gears at times, but here is nothing new there… I live on a hill, so the first part of any ride is downhill, and once the micro hill at the top of the road has been conquered, it’s time to free wheel.  This is the part of the ride that had Mini enthralled, and I was convinced he would not ever fall asleep, when, as if by magic, his head was getting heavy and he was gone.  A quick 10k trip almost to Stirling and back to the nursery, where all Maxi’s friends looked on at him with envy as he got to ride home in the trailer.  Though the Mum’s did not seem to want to swap places with me (knowing the hill we had to climb to get home).

All said and done when I got to the top of the road, I say what I normally do “Can we do it again?” but until Friday morning, I’m going to have to just be happy with the delicious tiredness that has taken over my body.