My Brain

I will be honest I do love my brain, its wired a bit wonky, but it keeps me amused. That is for all but one trait, if I have a truly lovely day, I know I will “pay” for it the following day.
I suppose it’s a kind of bliss hangover. I know I shouldn’t be greedy, that lots of people never have the ups I get to experience, but ug… Would I give that up to not get the downs?

That is a million dollar question… Would I forgo excitement, pleasure, joyous times, when full immersion in the moment is the only imperative. That feeling when the juice of life tastes so strong and delightful that you want to guzzle every last drop.

Well would I? Highly unlikely, and that is a strong motivation to get through the days that feel like you are wadding, waist deep in treacle, with a ton weight pressing down on your flaming head, that is filled with scurrying fire ants (though I have to be honest there is less scurrying today, I think the fire ants are either on strike or sleeping)

So what to do?  Food coloring, bath, bubbles me thinks…

Oh dear, a Mummy really shouldn’t encourage this, splashing, green water, shrieks of joy, smiles that spread from ear to ear.  It’s hard not to be pulled kicking and screaming out of the deaths of dejection with that kind of panacea.

So it’s not perfect, it still hurts, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh and apparently it is Blackadder day on Facebook, one of my friends posted the following (amongst many other quotes that are making me giggle today).

‎”Blackadder: Life without you madam would be like a broken pencil
Queenie: Explain
Blackadder: Pointless”

Life with only ups and no downs would be pointless; as with everything, one needs balance.