Far away friends

There are times when the invention of new fangled ways of keeping in touch with friends from far-flung places is great.  The phone, of course, email, IMs, Skype, all wonderful ways to keep in touch.  Though sometimes these just aren’t enough.

I miss you being so far away, an email is not the same as sharing a beer, an IM conversation not the same as being in the same place to talk, where you can see someone and read their body language and Skype (whilst being a truly wonderful way to see your face) just isn’t a patch on sharing a hug.

So today when I am reminded that the world is a smaller place, that you can keep in touch better with friends all over, in different time zones, on different continents, I am sticking out my tongue to it all and screaming that I don’t agree.  Sometimes you just need to be with the people you care about and love, and whilst technology is great, it’s no substitute.

So to my dear friends, who I only get to correspond with these days via the internet, I am saying one day, I will be there in person, one day I will be able to see your eyes as you tell me what you’ve been doing of a day, to hold your hand and share a cup of coffee.  I promise.

As long as you can pick me up from the airport…