Human Climbing Frame

Today my wake up call was early, 05:45…

Mini crawled in beside me, fidget about and then decided there wasn’t enough room for him, made me scoot over, and just as he was getting comfortable again, Maxi came in. Bright as a button, wishing everyone a good morning, and then decided he wanted to cuddle Mummy too.

And so started the climbing over Mummy, both wanted prime positions, both wanted cuddles, both decided that my arms and torso were mere obstacles to be stood on and walked over.

OK there was a moment that I was most peeved and may have raised my voice, at which both boys settled quickly and started talking to each other.

They wished each other a good morning, told them they loved each other and gave each other big cuddles.  Any annoyance I had previously thought swiftly left, until they started to crawl over me again…