Blank screen

I’m sitting here looking at a blank screen, wondering what to write.

I’ve had a horrible day, having serious negative thoughts, and yet I keep telling myself that there are lots of people on the planet who are having a worse one.

I’m sure this mood has something to do with my Mum and Sis leaving yesterday, and that it’s not just affecting me, but the boys.  Which is why they are acting up… please let that be why as otherwise I just don’t know.  I have been loosing my patience with them all day.

Yet now, whilst everyone is sleeping, I am just glad they are all here, accounted for and safe.

It did make me laugh (and cringe) when Maxi was telling everyone at nursery he fell down the stairs because Mummy pushed him… but that’s another story.  Lets hope this day finishes soon and tomorrow is a brighter one.