Diesel 10 Means Trouble

My sons are obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine stories and characters, and Diesel 10 in particular, so one day I thought I’d try to get a book with him in it.

There seems to be a book for every character from the stories, so I thought getting one about Diesel 10 would be quite straightforward.

How wrong was I, not only was this the only book that I could find that referenced him, it is awful.  The names of the characters are as per the American market, that I can forgive, but the use of language is appalling.  Whilst reading it out loud; and I get to do this often; the words seem jumbled and they often are tripped over.

Then I realised that the book was written by a different author, Britt Allcroft, who is the producer of the television programs, but oh dear it is not very inspiring.

In a nut shell, the Fat Controller (or Sir Toppam Hat as he is called in the book) has gone away for a few days, Mr Controller (whoever he is?!) is helping out, keeping an eye on things whilst he is away. The dastardly Diesel 10 decides he wants rid of the steamies once and for all.  Now Diesel 10 thinks he is an evil mastermind, and gets the help of two other diesels, the hapless Splatter and Dodge to complete his plans.  Toby the tram engine, hears of the plan and he is scuppered.  A race ensues with Lady the Golden Engine, the train with the magic gold dust, being followed by Thomas the Tank Engine, who in turn is chased by Diesel 10, there is a rickety bridge, and the first two just make it across, whist Diesel 10 falls into a barge.

The problem is that Mr Controller and Lady the Golden Engine are not from the original stories, and seem to have been created for the film “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” (don’t even get me started on that one, thank goodness my boys are not really interested in it) and there are reference’s to the loss of magic gold dust, and the need to find more.

At the end of the day, due to its inclusion of Diesel 10 it is a firm favourite in our house, and I have to read it often.  Though I do think it is time for the book to get “lost”.

Image from http://www.littleonesreadingresource.com/store/pc/Diesel-10-Means-Trouble-14p294.htm