Thank you notes

It’s Maxi’s birthday on Friday and I have 15 little people going to be at the house on Saturday, and I’m in a slightly lazy, very tired and a wee bit harassed mood; would it be sufficient to make up a thank you picture notes and put it in with going home bags, rather than writing a thank you note to each household.  Hmmmm….

I was also thinking that I could use them for the thank you notes for friends and family that will be getting things for him.  I would just need to write a few words on the back.

Is this my being lazy or efficient?

The problem is that the Christmas thank you notes were only sent out the second week in February (I’ve just told people that January didn’t happen in my house).  And I don’t want the same to happen with these Birthday thank you’s.

I was always brought up to write thank you notes, and still get them from a few people (namely my sister, mum and dad) but I do like to send them, if only to tell those from far away that their parcels have been warmly received.

I’ve put together a wee photo card, I think it’s quite cute (if I say so myself).  It’s a few recent pictures of Maxi; as an astronaut, on his bike… I think it will amuse people.

Ho Hum, what to do….