Jumping in Muddy Puddles

I met a friend this afternoon and we both brought the boys on a walk to jump in muddy puddles.  Mini is getting to the stage when he is not sleeping well at night, but still sleeping in the afternoon, so I thought I’d try an experiment to keep him up, and get some fresh air.

It was a lovely afternoon, sun was shining, there were occasional showers, but only a few drops of light rain were falling and funnily enough none fell as we walked.

I dressed the boys in their wet weather gear, wellies, waterproof trousers and big warm jackets, though most of this was to protect them whilst puddle jumping.

We found a few puddles on the paved part of the walk, but not a patch on the puddles on the muddy path.  The path was covered with black, oozy mud, which started the boys telling the story “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” as they squelched through it.

There were even a few big puddles to jump in, and by the end of it boots were full of water; socks were black; and I had to carry Mini as he was so tired.

The views were gorgeous, the sun was shining, all got home covered in mud and they went to sleep like little angels…