Birthday Cake

It’s Maxi’s fourth birthday next week and he’s asked for a Diesel 10 cake on his birthday and an Alien cake for his party (the theme is Astronauts and Aliens).

Now I have to explain something here, Diesel 10 is a character from Thomas the Tank Engine, he appeared in one episode, I think and he’s in the feature film (which we don’t like very much) but my darling Maxi is obsessed by the character.

He creates his own Diesel 10 from Duplo, draws him, paints him, talks about him, pretends to have a claw… he is obsessed!

So somehow I have to make a cake that looks like this AND create a cake for 14 children and the adults they are brining, for the party.

Until today I was at a loss of what to make, I was toying with the idea of making a red cake (a la red velvet) with red fondant icing, and calling it Mars, and making a landing module and either an astronaut or a naughty green alien on it, but I was less than inspired.  That is until I saw an amazing cake this morning, (Google images is fabulous for cake ideas).

It rocks! I am inspired, which is good, all I need to do is work out how to make modelling chocolate.  Now I can’t share the idea until after the party, as I like to keep a few secrets, but there are a select few, very special people who have seen what I’m aiming for.  Discussions have been had on which flavours to make, and which icing solution will give the desired effects.

I’m excited!  This is the fun part, the planning, the knowledge that I will be staying up all night, probably on Wednesday to at least start the creation process.  Though I can’t get carried away on just that cake, I can’t forget about the venerated Diesel 10.  I’ll need to ensure that he is not forgotten in the excitement!

Here is how Diesel 10 ended up… it was just something quick that I quickly knocked together.

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