1003 views all-time

Ooo, the blog went over 1000 views today… how exciting.  I think one of the interesting parts of writing this is looking at the stats and how people “happen” upon the site.  I have no idea who reads it, as there are rarely any comments (OK lets clarify, there is one gorgeous goddess who has commented) though I do have some words of encouragement, and positive feedback through other channels.

Not that it is the views I am aiming for, or the comments for that matter, I write this for me, the fact anyone wants to read it is a bonus.  If I wanted lots of people to read it then I suppose I’d advertise it more, get a new twitter account, “grow” my followers, post each time I publish.  Even publicise on Facebook… though to be honest that fills me with a feeling of dread, even sharing this with the few friends that I have done is quite alien to me.

I think it stems from a comment made to me many, many years ago.  I think I was a precocious six or seven-year old and was told “We know you are fabulous but do you need to tell us all of the time!”

Nothing out of the ordinary, but it has been one of those phrases that has really stuck in my brain.  Perhaps it is a British thing, perhaps a trait of a nation that doesn’t like to big itself up; perhaps it stems from self-worth issues; perhaps it goes back to that little girl who was told to be quiet and not highlight her assets (even if I don’t think it was meant in that way, I think the original comment was just a throw away line to try to get a little girl to be quiet).  Anyway this phrase comes back to haunt me all the time, and definitely creeps into my head when I decide to share or not to share my thoughts with anyone.

Lets hope people do occasionally read my musings, and that they enjoy what they see, but if not….