A hard day

Today I am uninspired to write anything, it has been a really hard day, one that I seem to have done, said, asked all the wrong things, been in the wrong places, and seem to be annoying everyone I come in to contact with.  I am deflated and frustrated… what am I doing wrong?

Then I remember that there are at least two people in these interactions, that sometimes it is not just my actions and feelings that need to be judged, that sometimes others are just not in a place to explain themselves; that external interjections are not welcome but whatever is said or done is not the problem; it is just that the protagonist needs space.

Feelings of self-worth come from within each of us, we decide to allow ourselves to feel invisible, to feel worthless and useless.  People, very rarely highlight these traits, so why do we allow them to be such giants in our psyche?  We allow ourselves to forget to see the light within, forget to reward achievements, yet berate petty failings, highlighting the negative and amplify their importance.

So yes I have had a hard day, yes I keep annoying people, but that is their problem, I am not going out of my way to annoy or create irritation, I am in fact, trying to do the opposite. I’ve been trying to be kind, interested and get things done.