A panacea for tantrums!

Today has been a day full of tantrums, from about half past six this morning, I’ve had crying, screaming or just plain foot stamping to contend with.  One son didn’t want cereal for breakfast, the other was quite happy with cereal but wanted the green bowl not the orange one… they have dragged their heels and been clingy to me all day.  I’ve wanted to scream myself and the headache has been horrendous.

Then one went to nursery, the other for his nap and I got to assist hubs with fixing something.  I was awesome one minute and a hindrance the next, the fix wasn’t quite going our way.  But together we got most of it done, and whilst it’s not quite ready for use, I have it on good authority it will be tomorrow.

So dinner made, and put on the table I nipped off to the Supermarket to get some food for the week. (I had meant to go in the morning, but NOT with two grumpy toddlers, I respect the other shoppers too much!)

I put music I wanted onto the car stereo, put on my iTouch and earphones as I walked into the shop and I was in bliss.  The isles were empty, there was no one wanting to go this way or that, or saying they were hungry or anything, it was quite lovely.  So I ended up doing the shopping with a huge grin on my face, and even though I was obviously plugged into my music (the list I will not share as I would get grief for some of my choices…) people kept talking to me, and it was just a friendly happy experience.

By the time I got home, though ravenous, I was mentally ready to start the bedtime routines, another round of minor tantrums, but now they are sleeping like angles.

So my message to anyone who has to put up with tantrums, as I know I am not the only one.  Plug in to music that makes you happy, and get away from the little terrors!