Snowdrops for my Valentine

I remember one year reading an article that read something like, “forget roses give your valentine snowdrops” so ever since I associate snowdrops with the beginning of the end of winter and of valentines day.  So today, as it is February the 14th and I am constantly reminded of all things romantic on the radio or television, I worry not that I have not received a card, flowers or chocolates, but in turn give you, my valentine, snowdrops.

I really love snowdrops, they remind me that spring is on the horizon; they flower as the daffodil and crocus bulbs are pushing their way through the cold, sodden earth.  White miniature reminders of hope, that cold, dank days are almost over, and that the earth is to warm and blossom again.

Poking their wee heads out from the forest ground, white dots of whimsy against the leafy, muddy earth.  The only sign of bloom I could find on my travels, and what a show I found, these photos don’t do them justice.

This is dedicated to a gorgeous goddess that needs prayers… and as I said on facebook this morning “a special thought goes out today for those whose love is far away… Have faith, and know love transcends time-zones”  Believe sister x