Wrong dates…

Oh dear, I am such a clutz, I have a dear friend visiting from the states, and I sent a message to him yesterday saying that I was looking forward to seeing him on Monday, to which his reply was “I’m arriving Sunday!


I still had to clean the house, make the spare room up, bake chocolate brownies…. and I we had been invited to a 4 year old’s birthday party, and I found out at 04:15 on Sunday.


So; quick text to the host of the party, to say would it be OK to bring an extra adult; quick run round with the vacuum cleaner; a change of bedding in the spare room; wrap present for the party; bundle children into the car; deep breath and we were off to pick him up from the airport.

Only ten minutes late to pick him up, and thank goodness he’s a chilled out parent.  I am blessed to have good friends that put up with my forgetfulness and do not see it as anything more than that.