Missing you

My head is in a funny place today, my heart is missing people lots.  Not sure why but the pain is physical.  My head is not amused, it has a hundred and one things to be getting on with and it is processing what my heart is producing.

It’s actually quite weird.  I am sitting here feeling, yet almost able to take my head out and away from this emotion,  to try to decipher what it is that is really going on.

Maybe it’s just the giggles from being at the park, the fresh air in the lungs, the clothes covered in mud and sand, the shoes soaked from muddy puddles.  Maybe it’s just because it is Saturday and you are not here.  Maybe its just because I don’t know what’s going on with me and I am going slightly insane.

Whatever it is, it is all-consuming, so please can I have some answers so that I can get on with the things I have to get on with.

It’s not a bad feeling, quite the contrary, it’s just very confusing.  Hmmmm, probably lunch will help….