Hot Bush Tucker Rub

I was doing my weekly shop this week; I’ve started to go in the evening without the boys, so I actually have time to look at things rather than just pick up our usual purchases.  I was in the spices isle, one of my favourites as it also has lots of olives and sun blushed tomatoes; different types of oils and vinegars; and food from all over the world.   My mission was to find some tagine spice, as I’d just finished my stash I’d purchased in France, and I could not find anything quite right.  Nothing with a Moroccan feel, earthy, lightly spiced to add to a multitude of dished.  I looked at all the rubs, and mixed spices, and they didn’t really excite me.

That is until I saw the Hot Bush Tucker Rub.  Now it says on the top it’s;  A blend inspired using ingredients indigenous to the Australian outback, wattle seed, lemon myrtle, bush tomato and mountain pepper, lend this rub an authentically australian edge.  Fiery chilli heat and a subtle hint of chocolate complete the experience.  Tastes great on beef or potato wedges.  Hot chilli and chocolate, not a bad combination, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I had already decided to have fish for dinner, and even though it says it’s for beef or potatoes I lightly coated chunks of salmon and haddock and seared in a hot pan.   The fish was just translucent, the spices adding a light kick, but not overpowering their natural sweetness.  That was it I was hooked.  The following day I was cooking brisket in the slow cooker, and I just added a couple of teaspoons to either side of the meat.  The only other ingredient was half a cup of water.  The meat was juicy and the spice added a heady, earthy touch.

I have to be honest and I don’t really taste any chocolate tones coming through, but there is a lovely zesty flavour that compliments its earthy and slightly hot, chilli flavour.

There is a recipe on the packet that suggests using it with lamb and aubergine, that is just crying out to be tried (with a few amendments).  And I can also see them working well on baked wedges or as a flavouring to flat bread.

There is only one problem, I’ve had the jar for not quite a week and it is already half finished!  I may just have to get some more next week, or perhaps there will be something different to tickle my taste buds.

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