Tantrums and Tornados

Today has been full of tantrums, starting at 04:00, when mini woke up, and in my sleepy haze, I thought it was 05:00.  This being, almost, a respectable time to get up and the time he’s been getting up all week.  Though when I noticed the true time, he got sent straight back to bed!  Even if it did take him almost an hour to fall asleep again.

Then who knows why the whining and clinging started, followed by the tears and foot stamping when their own way was not met.  We went to a quiet place, but still not let up.

That is until a tornado, buzzed our hills, any lower and it would have hit the pylons.  That changed the energy in the room, mini fell quiet.  I am not sure if that was due to the loud roar of the engines, or the most happy Mummy trying to see if she could get a picture of it… but alas I was too late, all I could do was appreciate the engineering that had passed through the sky.

And I can say from first hand experience, that some of that engineering was mighty cool.  As in a past life I had, had the privilege to work with some of the engineers that designed and manufactured some of the tech on board.

Unfortunately the site we worked at closed a few years back, but there are people I worked with that I will never forget, people who taught me lessons and helped mould me to the woman I am today.  That sounds quite a lofty statement but I was lucky enough to work with some great people, men that were compassionate and kind, had heart and passion, and time and patience to share with me their knowledge (whether that be of engineering, the perfect coffee, cycling… the list is endless)

This started me on a trip down memory lane, reminding myself of some of my stand out colleagues.  As an aside I have just looked up the definition of stand out “One that is conspicuous by virtue of excellence or superiority” and a particular person came to mind.

Someone who was great fun to work with, whose belief in me aided my own sense of self, whose personal discipline was something I still wish to emulate, wise beyond his years and yet patient and kind enough to put up with me.  I was really green, not knowing anything, a girl in a mans world.  But in time I learnt the basics, and by the end some thought I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. (I’m good at creating smokescreens)

Of everyone, I asked questions, lots of questions, and whether they were on a particular company procedure, how on earth systems requirements were captured or how an automatic gear in a car worked, they were, usually, always answered.

Today has reminded me how much I miss being in a working environment, managing people to get them to complete things they don’t really want to do.  Preferably twice as well and in half the time allocated to them.  Though most of all I miss working with those stand out people.

Image from http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/jan/27/raf-tornado-jet-crash-scotland