Saved by Huey

Today has been a particularly good day; a delightful start; some bike riding teaching (oh I am so not good at that, but what fun!); getting most of the boring stuff round the house done; then it all kicked off.

I was on the edge of running late to pick up Mini from day care, which I knew would have a knock on effect on making us late to get Maxi to nursery, so as I was speedily making lunch and listening to the radio, the last thing I needed was to listen to Jeremy Vine arbitrate some banal discussion.  His voice grates at my ears, (nothing personal to him, I’m sure he is very nice,) but today I didn’t need it.

So I switched over to Six Music, to the delicious sound of Huey Morgan, some great tunes but mostly his voice took me away from the chaotic lateness that had descended on our house.

I always happen upon his show, and keep meaning to make a conscious effort to find out when he regularly broadcasts (Sunday at 13:00 apparently).  I normally end up putting the radio on in the morning for Chris Evans and then the dial never changes.

I’ve been a fan of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals for years, and just love listening to his low American tones.  I’ve just checked and he’s only sitting in for Lauren Lavern, but he’ll be there the next couple of weeks so I’m sorry Radio 2 you’ve lost a listener from 10:00 I’ll be switching over to Huey.