Staying in

The weather today is dreich, it is grey and misty and there has been constant rain, hammering against the window, pounding down for hours.  The kind of rain that gets you soaking wet, just by walking out of the front door for thirty seconds.  The cold penetrating your body and reaching deep inside to your bones.

Suffice to say I think today should be a pyjama day.  A day for hiding under the covers, surrounded with a pile of yet unread books.  A day for getting immersed in film,  one after the other with barely time to regain breath in between.  For comfort food, mashed potato, stew and dumplings or a good bacon sandwich.

There are flood warnings all across the central belt, there is news of white outs, not fifteen minutes up the road.  Today is just a day for staying inside, creating a cocoon that the rest of the world cannot penetrate, safe just for you.