Grumpy Pants

Everyone is grumpy today; my two-year old, probably because he didn’t get much sleep last night and has been coughing lots, poor thing.  My three-year old, as he didn’t get much sleep, waking twice frightened, which in turn woke hubs up…. bad move as he does not function well on little sleep.

Then I went out and everyone was grumpy, I was getting evil eyes from drivers whilst I waited to cross the road, the shoppers in the supermarket were grumpy, even the scouts who offered to pack my shopping didn’t look like they particularly wanted to be there.

There was one burst of sunshine in my day, that was the lovely lady at the knitting shop in Stirling, she helped me pick some wool for a project I am knitting, for someone very important to me, and was really sweet, suggesting groups to join in Ravelry which I’ve only just joined.

I’ve decided it takes too much energy to be grumpy and I just don’t have enough to go round as is, so I’m here if anyone wants to vent, and will hide if that is what they prefer.