Naughty Me!

A conversation about; always making sure at least one purchase at the supermarket has to be exciting; this week, led me to think of two of my favourite things, asparagus and white fleshed peaches.  Their short season (here) makes them even more special, and through these dark winter days it is nice to think of spring and then summers bounty.

At the market yesterday I saw them, big juicy bunches of asparagus.  Long, green, thick stems, just screaming buy me!  Was it the weather or was it just an naughtiness, I don’t know but I bought a bunch (all the way from Peru no less… tut tut).

So this morning I tucked into two soft-boiled eggs with asparagus, which is really quick an easy to make of a morning.

Place the eggs into a pan of boiling water, not straight from the fridge or they’ll crack.  Snap off the ends of the asparagus and two minutes before the end put the stalks into the water, allowing the tips to be steamed.  I cook my eggs for about 4 minutes as I like them to be good and runny, though these got a wee bit longer today as I was distracted by maxi and mini.

Et voila, yummy, unctuous, breakfast done.  Though I really should wait until May to have it again, when the asparagus will be sweeter and of course British.