xīn nián kuài lè

Today is Chinese New Year and my darling 3-year-old has been greeting everyone he sees with xīn nián kuài lè, gleefully telling all that will listen that he was going to be eating dumplings and noodles for his dinner.

He was most excited to see the dumplings (I cheated and got them from our fabulous local Chinese supermarket) and the lanterns that Daddy also brought home for him and his brother to play with.

Though when it came to eating anything he was more cautious.  He nibbled at the lumpia, poked at the dumplings, he did manage to eat a few of the steeped chicken filled pancakes (without the chicken, but with lots of veg) and then looked at the noodles, ate one mouthful and said Mummy I’m tired, can we go to bed now.

Whilst in the bath there was a mini electric storm, so having been told what was happening, he invented the thunder and lightning game… he pretends to be the lightning then makes you count until he pretends to be the thunder.  He also counts for you if you go too slow!

At last, having had two boisterous, excitable boys all day, they are asleep in bed.

I wish you good health and a very prosperous year of the Rabbit!