Love letters

I heard on the radio recently that people have stopped writing love letters, and that only 9% of the people questioned had ever written a love letter.  They now prefer to send a text, or write on their loved ones Facebook wall.

I used to write love letters, letters that travelled all over the globe.  I do cringe about what I may have written, but at the time they were heart felt and the emotional outpourings making me feel more able to connect with my sweetheart so far away.

I also realised that recently I am more inclined to send a love note by text, IM or email.  I do occasionally write them on a post-it, but does that count?  Have I lost the ability to put pen to paper to share my thoughts?  It even takes me an age to get round to writing thank you letters, but I do still try. (which reminds me this Christmas’ have still to be posted, ups!)

I will admit that at least when I type I can change the words, the order or most importantly the spelling!   So I have set myself a challenge to put pen to paper, to write a love letter, to put it in the post and hope it’s well received.  Though with our culture’s impatience and societies current need to get everything right this second, will the words in a letter be outdated by the time it arrives?

And how would I start?
Hello sleepyhead, I was just thinking about you and wanted to put pen to paper…..
… now that’s enough for here, these things are private!

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