Sharing Stories

A most wonderful goddess once advocated the healing ability of sharing ones story.  That was over a year ago.  I’ve tried, I have, honest…. but only very occasionally do I share all the details.

I suppose in a way that is one of the motivations of writing this, even though it’s anonymous and quite frankly banal at times, it is my way of sharing my story, of who I am and where I am at on any particular day.

However today, I was in a safe place, with two amazing people; whom I don’t really know that well; and through sharing, we found a common bond.  A painful, unspoken bond.  This conversation felt like magic had descended, freeing the participants to share secrets, normally kept hidden, depressed into the body so no one can see.

It was truly liberating and powerful to be with such amazing women and be safe.  We were able to talk from different view points, from different intensities, on one subject to support and empower us through our current path.

It was of course completely off topic for which we were originally intended, but it emerged, like a flower unfurls its tight bud to show an open bloom.  As each chapter, was released the tension, pain and anxiety seemed to be lifted too.

I want to thank these two women, for allowing me to feel safe to share my story and for sharing their stories.  Leaving me feeling alive and ready for the rest of the day.