Gone Knitting

I’m exhausted; two hours sleep, followed by a day full of a recovering mini and a full of beans maxi has just worn me down.

But I have found my second wind.  Last night, whilst Mini slept I surfed for knitting patterns (I’m designing another fair isle hat) and I came across this cute pattern for Mini Aliens.

Now I started to follow the pattern from my iTouch, BAD move, as I was circular knitting and following the flat pattern… Duh!  There just isn’t enough space on the screen and it keeps going to sleep, which is most annoying.

Anyway I will keep you posted if/or when I do finally complete one, the pattern is great by the way, it’s just the knitter who is not following it correctly. (the first time I cast on 20 stitches not 22 and six rows in I wondered why I had the wrong number of stitches…)

I even popped into the fab wool shop to get eyes for them.