A hat for my sister

I have just finished knitting a hat for my sister.  She wanted a hat with ear flaps in two colours of grey, and I wanted to knit a fair isle design for the first time.

So she picked out the wool, and we started the design.  We looked at lots of designs on line, including ones for star wars characters!  Which I will have to use next time to make a hat for the boys.  We were looking for something traditional but also modern with swirly or curved lines.  After much perusing we decided to modify a couple and came up with this:

I looked up a couple of “hats with ear flap” designs (thank you to everyone for posting) and just made it up as I went along, having spent about a week checking out all the hats I could when I was out and about, thank goodness it has been cold here.

The ear flaps took at least three attempts, they were just not working, I think it was something to do with the tension of the knit, and perhaps in future I would have started
with smaller needles moving to a larger set for the fair isle pattern.  The pattern only took an evening to do (though I did stay up late as I wanted to finish it) and I’ve just spent the last wee while finishing the top, but now it’s done!

I do hope she will wear it and keep her ears toasty warm… but that is yet to be seen.  I’ve shared the photos with a few people and already have a request for a jumper and a hat.  Well it does keep my hands busy and out of mischief.

Unfortunately everyone is asleep here, so the only “model” I could find for the hat was a large plastic tumbler, I hope you get the idea.