My Baby is wearing Pants!

So mini is potty training, and I’m (almost) at an end of nappy changing!  Woo Hoo!

But more than that, my baby is really not my baby any more.  His conversational skills are increasing each day, he’s able to tell you short stories, he’s always “reading” books, he’s wanting to be more social and would rather stay at nursery with his brother than come home with me.

Where did the time fly?  In a few short months he will be three.

My neighbour has just had her third baby, she is starting again with the sleepless nights (OK so they haven’t totally gone away but it is much better nowadays), the four hourly (or even two hourly) breast feeds, tiny clothes on a tiny helpless body….. do I sound broody?

Well I’m not, thinking about it makes me happy that those days are gone for me, and that nowadays I am cajoled to draw pictures of cars and dinosaurs, that I am nagged to go biking or for a walk through the trees.  That if lego is given as a toy I don’t have to worry (too much) that it will be eaten.

I loved my babies and I love that they are growing into tiny little men, but please give me time to appreciated and experience each step.  For now it is pants, lots of cool pants!