Roast Rib Beef on Puréed veg

Last week I found myself with a small beef rib roast, I’d taken most off the meat off the bone to make steaks for the BBQ at new year, I’d popped the rest in the freezer, so I decided to roast off the bones and remaining meat just for me and Hubs.

I seasoned the beef with powdered mustard, salt and pepper and placed it on a bed of leeks and carrot.

I then put it in a hot oven 220°C for 20 minutes and then dropped the temperature down to 160° for 15 mins per pound for a rare roast (think it’s 20 mins per pound for a medium roast)

In a pan of boiling water I cooked 1/2 celeriac and steamed potatoes and fennel on top, not too much as everything gets too watery

I blitzed the celeriac and the fennel and mashed the potatoes, using a ricer so there were no lumps, and mixed it all together.  I added some cream and butter and seasoned (this was an end of holiday dish, so more indulgent than usual, particularly as I don’t normally have cream in the house)

I took out the beef and gave it a good 20 mins minimum resting time, meanwhile I deglazed the pan with some water (I only had sparkling red wine which was just too yummy to cook with), strained off the remaining vegetables and reduced until thick.  Finally, I whisked in a couple of knobs of butter. (OK this is definitely not an every day dish)

I sliced the beef, place on a mound of the puree and drizzle to serve.  Yum!