Sometimes I get really excited about a particular idea or post in the morning but only get time to write half of it down, between cooking, clearing up and potty training the day can get hectic.

Then something happens out of the blue that slays you, reminds you that you are a living breathing entity in this vast space and time.  Whether it is a sound, a voice breaking through the silence or a touch that engulfs your body, you know at that precise minute you are alive!

Well today walking through the frosty, frozen fog was my wake up and reminder that I am alive.  The world looks as though a magic wand has been waved, and in a way it has…

“Frost is ice that sublimates directly on the surfaces on which it is found. Sublimation occurs when water vapor, goes directly from the vaporous state to the solid state. To fully understand frost deposition you must think in terms of energy. Water vapor is in a higher energy state than liquid water and liquid is in turn in a higher energy state than solid water (ice). For water to be maintained in a vaporous state, there must be a certain amount of energy available. As energy is removed from the air, i.e. the air is cooled, all the gasses loose heat. Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor and all other components loose energy. Eventually when enough energy is removed the vapor must change state and it becomes either liquid or solid. Each liquid water molecule has less energy than each vapor molecule and each solid water molecule has less energy than either a molecule of liquid or gas.” (from