Some-days I have to work on smiling, on projecting to the outside world that I’m fine and that all will be OK.  And on others it is easy, the smile takes over.

Whether it is the delicious conversations I was able to partake in this morning; the songs and giggles from the boys; the uninterrupted hot shower; the taste of sharp natural yoghurt against earthy espresso on my tongue; the sound of guitar music flooding the house; the fact I know I have the morning to myself, without being a Mummy for a while or the exciting opportunity that popped into my inbox as I was writing this…. who knows, but I am not in control of my smile today, it is just there.

The kind of smile that fills the body, starts from deep within and then shines out.  That if you thought about may get embarrassed as you are sure everyone can see that window to your core open.  But not today, today the smile is protecting you, allowing to feel and enjoy the moment.

The fact my body has been full of a fever, that it aches and the cough is driving me up the wall, is all melting away.  Live and enjoy now, for whatever reason the smile is here and will protect you.  Maybe it is just the thought of you?