Do spiders tickle in the night?

Mummy I need to put on socks so the spiders don’t come and tickle me in the night” said Maxi as I was trying to get him ready to bed tonight, he was quite panicky and I thought NO WAY  was one of my sons going to be afraid of spiders in my house!  I think that spiders are just lovely.

So I said “But the spiders are here to help you, they take all the bugs away!” thinking that if I suggested to him that they were doing something nice that he’d think they were not something to be frightened of.

I was not ready for the reply, the detailed description and the speed that it was created in his mind.  I have tried to capture it;

Maxi’s retort was “So Mummy, do the spiders get in their spider plane and then do the spiders fly into my nose, and then do the spiders get out of the plane, and then do the spiders go and find the bugs and tell them to get into the plane, and then do the spiders fly the plane out and take the bugs away?  Mummy is that what happens?

Now half way through this discussion I thought what’s he on about his nose, and then I supposed that the spider plane could be because of Shutter Bug in Special Agent Oso but I was still confused as to why would they go up his nose.

Then I remember, one day he had had a cold he asked why his nose was sore and running all the time, and I tried to explain that he had a virus but would be better very soon.  That was not enough of an explanation and I think he had heard either me or his Dad talking about having a bug, so he asked whether that’s what he had.  I thought, this was a passable explanation, and he seemed quite happy thinking he had bugs in his nose.

I’d forgotten all about it, but my 3 3/4 year old eldest son hadn’t, spiders are now the cure for the common cold, and as he was saying goodnight to me he said;

I like spiders mummy, can we go and find one….”

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