I really like you

I really like you is not something I get told every day, and it still makes me feel warm and happy.  I am reminded of the days when boys started to notice me, for me and not just a person to be on their football team.

It is also a phrase I try and remind myself of, as even though I have made mistakes; bad things have occurred; amazing things have happened; and poor choices have been made; they have culminated in the person I am now.  A person I like.  (and a long journey has been taken for me to truly believe this.)

I suppose to fully appreciate anyone liking you you have to like yourself.  For a start if you do not think you are worth liking, how can you expect someone to like you?  In the same way if you do not feel desirable, how can you feel the mirrored emotion back?

I try every day to be open, to feel positive and give out joy.  To accept my wobbles (both mental and physical) and embrace them regardless.  Yes I have huge insecurities, find me someone that doesn’t!

“I really like you” is a wonderful thing to hear, especially if it is said to you by your two year old son, and is preceded with the word “Mummy.”