Food Revolution Friday

I know it’s Saturday, but I’ve only just heard about this!

Today sitting in my inbox was a note that one of my favourite bloggers had added a post. Notes from the Cookie Jar and Chasing Tomatoes are both wonderful reads and a wee smile grows on my face when a new update arrives.

Well today’s post was all about Jamie’s Food Revolution returning…. I’ll let you read the words for yourself as she is far more eloquent than I.  And even though we won’t get to see the program for a few months in the UK, I fancied joining in!

So from now on, I will endeavour to ensure that posts on a Friday are about food and the food I like cooking, which is not always the same thing in our house as with two fussy toddlers and a couple of grown up foodies… lets just say I understand why my Dad always had a bottle of Econa chilli sauce close to hand.  A tradition that he has passed onto his daughter, who, whist loves her children to bits, can’t wait until they grow up and start eating a wider variety of food….

My children are not yet at school, but the eldest is at Nursery, at which he gets milk to drink and predominately fruit for his snack.  They even have a way to get the children to try new things.  “Sniff, Lick and Bin” allows the children to smell new food and at least lick it before they don’t eat it.  Simple, yes, but at least it gets food passed those ever present lips that are normally locked together, as tight as glue, refusing to try something because “I don’t like it Mummy!” A phrase I abhor particularly if said about food that has never been tried.