I learnt a new word today, Hydromania – an excessive love of water.  And why did I get to hear about this new word in my vocabulary?

Well my darling 2 year old had gone to get himself a glass of water from the bathroom tap, put the plug in and the cold tap on full blast…

(I was in the shower and hubs was in charge I’d like to add, but not to apportion blame, to me the sound of running water is an instant warning.  Poor hubs thought I was in an odd mood and decided to run a bath.)

… All I could hear was “Daddy I’m wet, Daddy it’s wet” in a voice that grew more and more panicky from the minute I heard it to the second later when I had him in my arms, dripping wet myself, throwing towels onto the floor and shouting for hubs.

In short the water gushed through to the kitchen, breaking the tape and will result in repair for hubs to complete… at some point as we’ve also got the remnants of flood damage in another part of the ceiling that has been there for over a year.

No one is hurt, house can be fixed, and I now know I have a hydromaniac in the house.