Fantasy vrs Reality

As a mum of very wee children I will admit during the dull parts of my day my mind wanders to a fantasy land, that, amongst other things, I can walk in the sunshine along leafy tree lined rivers, spread soft blankets on the ground, bite into a juicy white peach and read my book in peace…

Then reality crashes in, I step on a piece of duplo, (trust me a pain that knows no words, especially when you have under 5’s in ear shot) .
Mummy, Mummy, look we’ve made a rocket and it’s going to the moon”… “Diesel 10 is coming!” …”Come and hide in my cave”…”No in my rocket!”…”Lets make a train track

Whilst the fantasy is bliss, the reality has no boundaries of enjoyment, yet the house is a mess, yes it is so noisy your head is going to explode, but the joy is endless.

And then eventually they go to sleep, and the fantasy can return…