Before I was a Mum I had a variety of jobs, I worked in a variety of industries including catering, avionics & oil, but none was to prepare me for the life of being a stay at home Mum (SAHM)

Yes there was a mundaneness to life, tasks that had to be repeated on a weekly or monthly basis.  Expenses to complete, stockrooms to count, plans to update, but never did I fell as though I was in ground-hog day.

A while back I had to complete a list of tasks before visitors arrived and needing motivation I enlisted the help of my 3 year old son.  I found a large piece of paper and his pack of felt tip pens and I wrote the, rather large, list of what was to be completed that day.  I drew pictures of each task so that he knew what was to be done, explained to him what we had to do and set to it.

I did not realise that this list writing would be so successful, suddenly I had my own personal coach, “can I cross off this job Mummy” “what’s next Mummy” “Hurry up Mummy” “No this one is the next one Mummy”  “we have to pick up the car before we have lunch Mummy!

So that day all the jobs got done, and I realised that I had a task driven little man in the house (not that I was that surprised).  After going through lots of rolls of paper, I thought a white board on the back of the kitchen door would be useful (and less wasteful on our paper stash).

The only problem is that each day my delightful 3 year old asks “Mummy what jobs do we need to do today?” and I dutifully write up the list of jobs that needs to be done that day.

I keep noticing that the jobs are the same, perhaps in a different order if I’m feeling a little mad, but there is always a sameness.  Is this the curse of being a SAHM?  Well I suppose there has to be a downside to the abundance of cuddles!

Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure. Petrarch