New Beginnings

OK, so I have decided to set myself a few challenges in 2011,

  1. Write a blog every day
  2. Learn how to crochet
  3. Make croissants from scratch
  4. Work out how my new camera works and start taking more pictures

Why?  Well I like to give myself a challenge during the dreich months of winter to keep me amused before the spring arrives.

Past tasks included to stop using plastic bags, years before you got green points at the supermarkets.  This caused annoyance and amusement from my husband, who was always embarrassed about brining bags or boxes branded with another shops logo on them.  How things change, this is a normal, expected thing, back then it was always a conversation starter.

Last year I gave myself the challenge to learn how to make sausages, one of the few things that my toddlers would eat.  I wanted to know what went into sausages, as the ingredients list on some are just plain scary.  Well they aren’t that difficult, and I now even have two types of skins, who knew there were so many different materials that made sausage skins!

As for writing a blog, well I have dabbled at the idea but am yet to find a voice… who knows whether I will here, who cares if anyone reads it, but I need to practice my writing skills.  I have recently found out to be dyslexic, though knew within myself for a long time.  My composition has always been awful, my use of English; decidedly wonky and as for my spelling, well there are no words except, thank goodness for spell check!

So here goes… I’m going to have to see how to fiddle with all the settings, add pictures etc, and perhaps at some point tell those that are near and dear to me that they can read my musings here.